I’m back

Well, folks! I lasted a whopping not quite three months. After being presented with an offer I couldn’t refuse (which involves me having a blog), I lost sleep thinking about how I would return after I publicly announced that I was tired of blogging; that it was a chore even worse than scrubbing the toilet. Well, I thought, I could delete my farewell post and pretend like nothing ever happened? Or! I could update my twitter with a Hi guys! Joke’s on you. I’m not really leaving blogging! Well, that might work. But first I’d have to get a twitter.

In the end, I decided to ditch ladycakesbakes and start with a clean slate, becuase come next summer this blog isn’t going to revolve around me in the kitchen – it’s going to revolve around Thom and I carrying heavy backpacks around Europe. So that, along with the fact that some butthead in Washington (hi, butthead!) bought the ladycakesbakes domain, is why I decided to start over from scratch. And oh, ladycakes is where it all begins.

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