Where’s ladycakes?

Candy wrappers

Well, that certainly was weird. Referring to myself in the third person. As ladycakes. I won’t ever do that again.
As you can tell, I took another unannounced, temporary hiatus – which will be ending shortly, I promise. I suppose this is where I tell you that I’ve purchased the final pieces of equipment to start my kitchen shop. And that I’m in the process of moving into an oversized studio. That has a 9 foot couch and one of those fancy, high definition televisions. Which means there’s a slight chance I’ll be stretching my lanky ass out on that couch and eating all of my products while watching reruns of The Office. With my pants unbuttoned. Better yet, with my pants off. Because, you know, sometimes you just need a little extra room. Don’t act like you didn’t wear a tunic over your skinny jeans so you could leave them unbuttoned, without anyone noticing, during your holiday feasts. It happens to the best of us, guys.
And – to tide you over until I return – how about you check out the rest of the photos from my trip to the city for which I don’t particularly care? Otherwise known as NYC.

7 thoughts on “Where’s ladycakes?

  1. Alright, Ashlae's got her pants off… heheDid you listen to my announcement yet?? It's up on today's post. You BETTER enter! Now go back to eating raw bon-bons on your fancy pants couch…

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