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After damn near a week, we’re finally unpacked and settled into our new loft. And I’m pretty much obsessed with it. In fact, I am so obsessed with it that it makes me never want to leave Denver. Ever. The ceilings are 20 feet high, both of the bedrooms have exposed brick walls, 100 year old tile floors span the main living area and the entire unit is flooded with natural light (and enormous windows).

We spent 10+ months looking for a space that met up to all of our standards, and when we finally found it, we jumped and put down a deposit immideately. Which just goes to show that good things come to those who wait. Don’t roll your eyes at me and my cheesy clichΓ© – I’m serious! And! The best part? Now that the place is put together, I can finally get back to utilizing my kitchen. Which means tasty things will be coming your way in the very near future.


25 thoughts on “At home

  1. I love your new loft. Big wide windows and high ceilings. I love the feeling of being unpacked and settled in a new place, living in boxes is not my thing. Congratulations for your beautiful little home.

  2. It looks beautiful, Ashlae. I love a loft space but even those are so expensive here- and not even with your gorgeous ceilings and floors. I hope you are happy and comfortable there!

  3. Congrats Ashlae! You have a beautiful home! I love lofts and would love to live in one someday. You did a beautiful job making it homey and inviting and warm, thank you so much for sharing with us!

  4. That is awesome. We started looking for a place in Feb and still have not found one (or rather, it has not found us). Congrats on your success. It gives me hope that we will as well.

  5. I do remember! I really loved that area of Denver. I'm kind of envious, to be honest. Plus, you're not far from Illegal Pete's, which should probably be illegal. If I lived that close to IP's, it would not be good for my health. My buddy Josh's band, The Kentucky Parlor Pickers, play there on pretty regular occasion, and gets to munch on it for free, the jerk.

  6. I live half a block from Illegal Pete's. And it should be illegal. We've lived here a week and have already eaten there at least FIVE TIMES. Thankfully, I only get a bowl full of rice with a shit load of veggies. My boyfriend, on the other hand.. it's just.. not going to end pretty. And if you're ever in Denver, shout me a holler (uhh, I can't believe I just said that) and we will chow down on some Illegal Pete's!And I'll have to keep a lookout for your friends band.

  7. Holy crap. I'm not sure I would survive living that close to IPs. I too would not end pretty.And I'll definitely let you know if I'm out there. My wife and I were talking about perhaps getting out to visit friends in Denver this summer, but not sure if that's going to happen now. But if so, I'll meet you at Pete's! And definitely do. The Pickers are so good–think like a stripped down Old Crow Medicine Show if you're into that sort of goodness. Here's a link:

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