Raw coconut cacao brownies

Raw coconut cacao brownies

I’m trying really hard not to bitch about the heat. But it’s been in the upper 90s and low 100s this week, and the next 10 days aren’t looking to be any cooler. I’ve decided that, a) I belong in a cooler climate, and b) I am no longer a self proclaimed lover of all seasons. In fact, I hate seasons. Give me knitted sweaters, chunky scarves and heavy coats that go down to my knobby knees.
You’re probably confused. I’m confused, too. How can I possibly love bone chilling weather? The scorching temperatures combined with the fact that we just returned from the most beautiful adventure in Iceland made me realize how much I enjoy the cold; how much I enjoy being cold. I can’t think of a better feeling than waking up in the middle of the night with arms covered in goosebumps, pulling the tightly tucked covers up over my head, wriggling closer to Thom’s warm body and falling back to sleep. To me, it’s one of the greatest feelings in the world. Exponentially better than what happens now. Which is waking up three times in the middle of the night to unload all of the urine my bladder’s collected. And don’t even get me started on the bloody noses. Or the fact that in order to not have flaky, dry skin, I have to drink four liters of water a day.

Raw coconut cacao brownies

But, despite the arid climate, Colorado is home. Colorado’s where Thom and I made a serious commitment to one another. To move away from all things familiar and start our lives together. Colorado is where I made a lot of self discoveries. It’s where I overcame a crippling disorder and learned to love myself again. It’s where I broke free of the norms in society and started to form my own opinions. I’ve been lucky to call this place home for the past several years. So unbelievably lucky. And despite the fact that we have plans to move overseas, it wouldn’t be so bad to plant our roots in sunny Colorado. In fact, part of me kind of hopes we do. And the other part of me? Well, it’s still in Iceland. Waiting for our return.

Raw coconut cacao brownies

If you don’t like coconut, check out my raw brownie bite recipe. But, if you like coconut, this recipe is right up your alley. I pressed the dough into my tart pan because I wanted them to be a little fancier, but you can press them into any pan you want. The dough fit perfectly into my 8″ tart pan. Filled it to the top! Whatever you do, do not skip the parchment paper step. I scratched my tart pan (WHY ARE THOSE THINGS SO EXPENSIVE?) and wanted to cry a little. 


1 1/2 cup raw almonds
1 cup raw cashews
1 cup shredded coconut
1/4 cup cacao powder
Pinch of Celtic sea salt
10-12 medjool dates
1/4 cup raw nut milk (or water)

In a food processor fitted with the S blade, blend the almonds, cashews, coconut, cacao powder and salt into a fine meal. Add the dates and pulse until combined; about 30-45 seconds. Add the water and process just until the mixture forms a dough. Press the dough into any shape of pan you want, just make sure you line it with parchment paper for easy removal. Sprinkle top with shredded coconut and cacao nibs, if desired. Brownies will keep for several months if stored in an air tight container in the freezer.

Yield: 8-12 servings


23 thoughts on “Raw coconut cacao brownies

  1. It's really, really hot here also in Sherbrooke (QuΓ©bec) and I hate it also. I am also doing my very best not to be the a bitch…but I just can't sleep well, eat, run more than 5 miles…or do anything. It's just too hot for anything else but a smoothie. You made me smile with your post and with your delicious looking dessert ! Good luck with the hot weather.

  2. I just happened to buy dates yesterday… Yay I can make these! I was even thinking about how I needed to actually try and make something with the dates before I eat them all.

  3. Oooh these look great! I don't enjoy being cold but I do miss being able to curl up under the covers with a hot drink and a crappy movie. If I were snuggled under a comforter now I'd probably combust!

  4. I'm a cold weather person, all the way πŸ™‚ I love getting wrapped up. And the best feeling is being outside in all my toasty clothes, but having a frosty cold nose and cheeks. The best!I think Colorado seems like a stellar place to start a new life as someone young. You're lucky to have had someone so great by your side the whole way, especially through the difficulties. And moving overseas? Wooooo! I can totally see that. You were meant for travel.I make brownies like these all of the time but use water instead of milk. Does the milk make them kinda creamy at all? If it does, I'm so down for replacing the water. Oh and also – yeah, those tart pans are as expensive as fck. But I have been tempted to buy one more than once. Like, every time I walk down the kitchen aisles while shopping. Which is at least every week. THOSE LITTLE BUGGARS!

  5. you should take a vacay to the northwest.. we are cold all this week! yeah isobelle will attest to that. and dont ever go to india.. 100s is like winter temp there. :)the fancy brownies look pretty!

  6. I also pick cooler temps over hot and I happen to live in the NW where we luckily don't get too many scorcher days. Nothing's better than layering on the tights, long sleeves and sweaters. Nice looking brownies. Looooove coconut.

  7. Ooh, so pretty! I love that you use cashews, I usually use walnuts but cashews sound so much better. I completely understand where you're coming from bout heat. I'm lucky it doesn't get too hot here, but I prefer it when it's cold, or at least cool enough for jeans and sweaters and boots and socks that go up to my knees πŸ™‚

  8. Oh, this recipe sounds so good! I love raw desserts, and will definitely be trying this one.I'm in the same boat about the weather – if it's too hot to cook, too hot to be comfortable, too hot to sleep… it is TOO HOT! In the cold you can bundle up, turn on the oven, eat soup, but in the summer there's just no escape from the heat. At least there's delicious food that doesn't require cooking!

  9. I love how simple this recipe is. I've always been scared of making tarts (This fear is completely unsubstantiated as I have no experience with tarts other than just eating them), but this looks like a great "starter" tart, and it's raw to boot! Yay!I'm totally with you about cold nights. I much prefer those, being nice and cuddly with Chris and our pup, Samantha, over hot nights. And I get nose bleeds too. No fun. It seems like Colorado is treating you well, though. πŸ™‚ Where are you planning on living overseas?

  10. I was so close to coming to the Northwest this weekend. But I only had a couple of free days and I think more time is needed to explore the area πŸ™‚ When I do come, though, I expect to meet you and Izzy!

  11. I have a real tart recipe coming this week – which will make an even better starter tart! And, of course, it's raw.We plan on living somewhere in Europe. I'm pulling for Iceland πŸ˜‰

  12. Oh, and as I said to Cara earlier – when you both get your cookbook deals, I better be on the top of the list for being your guys's recipe tester. NOT EVEN KIDDING.So make me some of these brownies, too.

  13. Yum! These look so good. And, as someone who lives in the bitter cold all winter long [and half of the fall and spring, too], I must admit I prefer it hot. But! snuggling up next to a warm love in the wintertime is always nice, I must agree. πŸ˜‰

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