Oh, Ladycakes is a place where you’ll find from-scratch recipes for all the things you love; cinnamon rolls with maple icing, speculoos swirl brownies, and caramel apple crumb pie (just to name a few). I believe in working with wholesome ingredients as often as possible – and if you’re wondering what happened to the eggs and dairy, I don’t bake with those. Recipes are always vegan, occasionally gluten free and, every once in a while, raw.Not vegan? Not a problem. I understand that everyone has different dietary preferences and I don’t want non-vegans to shy away from my recipes just because they don’t stock flax seed meal or almond milk. To replace flax eggs, simply substitute an equal number regular eggs. And for faux dairy products, substitute its dairy-containing counterpart. Voilà!
My name’s Ashlae. I’m a small tomboy lady who dwells in Denver (but I was born and raised in small town Ohio) (O-H!). Aside from spending long hours in the kitchen, I enjoy over sized mugs of coffee, a good shift dress, and running my fingers along wrought iron fences. I started baking in late 2007 for a coworker who I found to be rather handsome. Turns out the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, because we’ve been kicking it ever since. As for ladycakes, he’s the one who gave me the name. And I happen to think it’s the cutest thing in the world.
Contact | ashlae [at] ohladycakes [dot] com (please read FAQ before emailing a question)
Send complaints | thom [at] ohladycakes [dot] com
Photo by my dear friend (and incredibly talented photographer) Ali of Alison Vagnini Photography. Got a wedding or engagement, or anything lifestyle related that you’d like to have photographed? You should probably hire her because she pretty much rules.
Raw cherry brownie hearts

Where’d you get your glasses?
They’re the Fillmore frames (in Tennessee Whiskey) from Warby Parker. (In reference to a previous photo I had posted.)
Where do you get your plates, bowls and napkins? Especially the bowl in the peanut butter cup soft serve post?
I get most of my props from West Elm, but the lotus bowl is from Anthropologie. I also pick up a few things at Goodwill and other various thrift stores.
Why Lady Cakes?
A pretty rad dude dubbed me ladycakes in 2007, and it stuck.
What kind of camera do you use?
Not a fancy one, I can tell you that. I’ve been using a Sony DSC-TX7 for two years, and one thing I’ve learned is that it’s not the camera that matters, it’s the person behind it. When I first started blogging, I took horrible photos. Not that I take great photos now, but I certainly have a better eye for things than I did when I first started.  As of 16 Dec 2011 I use a Canon 600D with a 50mm f/1.8 lens.
Why won’t you add me on facebook?
My personal facebook page is for my close friends only. Sorry!
I can’t find you on Twitter.
That’s because I’m Twitter illiterate. I’m still twitter illiterate, but now I have an account documenting so.
Why do you update only once a week?
Quality > quantity. Between being a full time student and protector of other people’s tiny humans, I have very little time to develop new content for the site.
Are you gluten intolerant?
Not so much anymore, and I’ve slowly started introducing gluten back into my diet. But I will still aim to add gluten free content to the site.
Wait, you’re not vegan?
Only 95% of the time. I was a strict vegan for about two years until I got really sick and it was recommended that I start eating animal protein again (i.e. a few eggs a week).Do you sell your vanilla extract?
Yes, but I’m currently sold out. Vanilla will be available to purchase late 2013/early 2014.

I must have that coat. Where did you get it?
Zara. But I’ve got to warn you – it runs small. I’m usually an x-small and the small is a bit snug on me.

Why don’t you publish nutritional values?
Because life’s too short to count calories or grams of fat or carbohydrates. But if you long for nutritional values, you can plug the ingredients into a calculator yourself.

Do you allow outside contributors?
No. And if you e-mail me asking to publish a guest post on my site, I will sign you up for a shitload of spam. Don’t make me do it.

How do you pronounce your name?
Ash-lay, not Ashley.

Will you do a vegan guide to Denver?
I’m actually planning on doing one before we leave for our Europe trip. But it’s not going to be a vegan guide – just a guide to Denver with all of my favorite hangouts/plant-based eateries.


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